Benefits and Activities for Team Building

Every business needs a great and cohesive working team to become successful. Undeniably, it is of utmost importance to conduct regular team building activities to accomplish the goals of the company. The employer should allocate budget for this type of enhancement activity at least once a year.

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You may ask, why spend considerable amount of money on team building activity?

The answer is simple- it is an intangible investment which improves workers’ efficiency and interpersonal relationships.  If every employee understands his/her strengths and weaknesses, and learns to work independently or cooperatively with others, the company reaps the fruits of their labor.

Benefits of team building:

  • Improves productivity
  • Strengthens working relationships
  • Increases collaboration
  • Improves communication
  • Increases motivation level
  • Reinforces positive attitude
  • Encourages creativity
  • Enhances work outcomes
  • Defines roles and reduces ambiguity
  • Finds solutions to work issues
  • Aligns efforts around goals
  • Exposes interpersonal problems

Basically, team building is facilitated by an internal team. However, some business owners invite professional speakers or coaches to discuss pertinent topics that will equip employees with additional knowledge or skills. Getting outside speakers need additional budget which necessitates employers to use savings or get a business loan in Singapore from the licensed money lender in Singapore with good review.

A team building activity includes serious discussion, fun games sessions, brainstorming, group assignments and ice breakers. Participants are expected to work with their teams and learn the process of how to do it. They learn to adapt with tasks they need to do with the whole team. Every team must develop targets, assign specific roles and achieve goals within deadline. Studies reveal that setting goals and roles clarification significantly improve the performance of the teams, reduce conflicts, increase motivation, and enhances the cognitive and affective responses.

Planning for team building activities?

Here are some rules to consider:

  1. Refrain from really serious corporate topics. Successful team building provides opportunities for sharing-bonding experiences which build trust and camaraderie.


  1. Choose new activities that will challenge participants to get out of their comfort zones and tickle their funny bones. Make every session educational and entertaining.


  1. Keep the spirit of excitement alive after the team building activity. It is important to sustain the positive energy and keep it going inside the workplace. Initiate daily sharing of ideas, celebrate achievements and encourage everyone to attain weekly or monthly targets.

So, ditch the usual company picnics or serious seminars. Give your employees a real break from office works. Plan unique activities that will make everyone feel good, excited and accomplished. Get a legal private loan lender in Singapore can offer you a business loan if you are short of budget. The money you spend for them during team building will gain multiple returns of profits because you effectively boost their morale and confidence.